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0 - Get TEI data

This job was provided by an user via the job library API.


Key Functions

alterState, dataValue, getData


// TODO: get all TEIs with vaccination state 'NOT YET REQUESTED' via save filter from Austin.

// NOTE: if we can get a webhook with the desired info, let's drop this job!

getData('trackedEntityInstances', {
fields: '*',
ou: 'V5XvX1wr1kF', // traningland?
program: 'EZkN8vYZwjR', //
trackedEntityInstance: dataValue('id'), // the value from the post

alterState(state => {
console.log('The response from DHIS2',;
console.log('Only pass necessary data to the DIVOC job.');
const necessary =[0];
return { ...state, data: necessary };