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Developer README for the googlesheets adaptor


Language Google Sheets

Language Pack for building expressions and operations to make Google Sheets API calls.


sample configuration

"accessToken": "nu-uh"

### appendValues()

Add rows to an existing sheet:

spreadsheetId: '1O-a4_RgPF_p8W3I6b5M9wobA3-CBW8hLClZfUik5sos',
range: 'Sheet1!A1:E1',
values: [
['From expression', '$15', '2', '3/15/2016'],
['Really now!', '$100', '1', '3/20/2016'],


Clone the adaptors monorepo. Follow the Getting Started guide inside to get set up.

Run tests using pnpm run test or pnpm run test:watch

Build the project using pnpm build.

To just build the docs run pnpm build docs