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OpenFn Roadmap

Under construction

This docs page is under construction. Check back later for the complete docs, or check out the Docs Version "Platform (v1)".

OpenFn Roadmap

This page details the planned roadmaps for the key products in the OpenFn product suite. This includes OpenFn/Lightning, Adaptors, and Docs.

Key for the Roadmap Status Values

Status ValueDefinition
Not startedIssue in the backlog but still in need of being designed and scoped out
PlannedScoped and ready to be picked up by an engineer
In devCurrently being worked on by an engineer

Lightning Roadmap

OpenFn/Lightning is the fully open-source workflow automation platform at the core of the OpenFn Digital Public Good (learn more about the product here).

FeatureStatusTarget TimelineRelated LinksDescription
1. Delete a project (as a project owner or a superuser)DeliveredQ2 '23Github issue 757 & issue 746Project owners can delete a project. This will schedule the project for deletion after the configured time period. Also, superusers can schedule a project for deletion, cancel a project's deletion and delete a project immediately.
2. Bulk reprocess work orders (from start)DeliveredQ2 '23Issue 659Select and reprocess multiple work orders to rerun them from the start with updated job logic.
3. Add filter expressions to triggersIn devQ2 '23Issue 778Triggers can take expressions to determine whether to run the job or not. This is similar to 'message filters' in OpenFn platform (v1)
4. Import and export projects through the command line interface (CLI)In devQ3 '23Issues 641, 249, & 288Import and export a project as code, to save a local version or edit a job in your own code editor.
5. Handle Oauth authentication flowIn devQ3 '23Issue 646Handle jobs with Oauth credentials by periodically refreshing the token.
6. Fully decoupled workflow execution manager (RTM/RTM-server)In devQ3 '23Issue 52Handle extremely long-running workflows. Better manage resource consumption and load by scaling “workflow execution workers” independently from the webapp/orchestration layer.
7. Automatic github version controlPlannedQ3 '23Issues 289 & 250Use Github Version Control to track and review changes to your workflow.
8. View key project metrics (number of runs, failures, workflows)PlannedQ3 '23Issue 755View the success rate and number of failed work orders for your workflows.
9. Add authentication to webhook triggersNot startedQ4 '23Issue 245Add option to configure API keys and authentication for HTTP requests sent to OpenFn webhook triggers.
10. Zero-retention pipelineNot startedQ4 '23Issue 752Feature to ensure OpenFn will persist zero data processed via OpenFn workflows to ensure compliance with data security and residency requirements.
11. Get notified of run limits via emailNot startedQ4 '23Issues 755 & 556Email alerts to help admins monitor usage.
12. Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)PlannedQ4 '23Issue 364Feature to allow admins to enable MFA for OpenFn users.
13. Disable console.logsNot startedQ4 '23Issue 276Disable console.logs from showing up in the job logs, for data privacy once workflows are handling production data.
14. Expanded Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) functionalityPlannedQ4 '23Issues 271Extend audit trail functionality to cover more aspects of ATNA, reference OpenHIE IOL requirement IOLWF-1.
15. Enhanced user experience for workflow testingNot started2024Issue 311Name and save job inputs (for example as sample data for testing) and allow users to execute jobs with these saved inputs.
16. Bulk reprocess work orders (from a specific job)Not started2024Issue 833Bulk execute multiple work orders from a specific job to avoid rerunning non idempotent jobs and duplicating resources.

You can follow Lightning's progress and track delivered features in the Lightning Changelog.

Adaptors Roadmap

OpenFn's open-source adaptors can connect any application, including web APIs, databases, and even raw data files, enabling interoperability with any information system (read more). Adaptors, alongside OpenFn's workflow engine, enable automated workflows that cut across digital systems.

FeatureStatusTarget TimelineRelated LinksDescription
1. Enhancements to FHIR & OpenHIM adaptorsNot StartedQ3 2023See existing adaptors for FHIR and OpenHIMTo rebuild the existing 2021 OpenFn Instant-OpenHIE reference demo to highlight the exchange of data between existing non-FHIR digital health tools and a HAPI FHIR server. (OpenFn Lightning is OpenHIE-compliant and can be used as a workflow engine for the OpenHIE Interoperability layer - learn more here.) We also want to demonstrate data exchange between existing non-FHIR digital health tools and key components of Google’s Open Health Stack and Cloud Healthcare API
2. Add "magic" functions to existing, in-demand adaptorsNot startedQ3 2023Issue 243Add functions, dynamic lists, and shortcuts to fast-track workflow configuration for key adaptors including HTTP, DHIS2, CommCare, & OpenMRS
3. New OpenMRS adaptor versionNot startedQ3 2023See existing adaptor docsTo ensure compliance with OpenMRS v3
4. Enhancements to the OCL adaptorNot startedQ3 2023See existing adaptor docsTo ensure that mappings stored in OCLs can be more easily access and processed as inputs in OpenFn/Lightning workflows

Docs Roadmap

FeatureStatusTarget TimelineRelated LinksDescription
1. OpenFn and the OpenHIE architecturePlannedQ2 2023See current docsNew page dedicated to how OpenHIE aligns with OpenHIE architecture; expansion of the existing small section on standards
2. New Lightning User GuidanceNot startedQ3 2023To be hosted on docs.openfn.orgNew documentation, videos, and other user guidance on how to use OpenFn/Lightning and how to migrate existing OpenFn/platform projects to Lightning (the new OpenFn "v2")
3. Template FHIR WorkflowsPlannedQ3 2023To be hosted on demo.openfn.orgOpenFn can already help achieve FHIR compliance, but we will build and document reference/template workflows to demonstrate how OpenFn/Lightning can automate data exchange, registration, and/or reporting workflows between non-FHIR data systems and FHIR APIs.
4. Template Alerting WorkflowsNot startedQ4 2023See OpenHIE docs; to be hosted on demo.openfn.orgTo demonstrate how OpenFn can facilitate one-way communication to a client or provider listed in the HIE (from the OpenHIE standard spec)
5. Template Shared Health Record WorkflowsNot startedQ4 2023See OpenHIE docs; to be hosted on demo.openfn.orgTo demonstrate how OpenFn can allow external systems to automatically save and retrieve information from the HIE (from the OpenHIE standard spec)
6. Template Aggregate Reporting WorkflowsNot started2024See OpenHIE docs; to be hosted on demo.openfn.orgTo demonstrate how OpenFn can support aggregate data exchange of health indicators, leveraging the ADX data standard

Questions? Feedback? Ideas?

Post on the OpenFn Community at, or consider contributing to the OpenFn software, adaptors, or documentation (learn more in the Contributing section).