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Version: Platform (v1)


Core reaching EOL in 2023.

OpenFn/core is currently still being used by the v1 platform ( but is reaching end-of-life in 2023.

What is core?

Core is the central job processing program used in the OpenFn platform. It's what actually executes jobs with state and adaptors to do work for governments and NGOs all over the world.

Where is it used?

Core is used in OpenFn v1 (the web platform) and by developers who want to test job execution on their local machines. It's not used in Lightning (OpenFn v2) which instead makes use of the new runtime. For a local developer experience using the new runtime, check out CLI.

Why might I want to use it now?

If you've got jobs running on OpenFn v1 and want to test them locally, core will give you the exact same job running experience as you see on the web. This can be incredibly helpful for debugging.

Using the new CLI.

If you're a new OpenFn user and want to build or test jobs for Lighting (v2) and beyond in 2023, use the new CLI instead!

How do I use it?

Check out the official documentation on Github.

The tl;dr: is that you execute jobs from the command line by passing in an expression, state, and the path to an adaptor.

npm install @openfn/core
core execute -l ../language-http.Adaptor -e ./some-exprsesion.js -s ./some-state.json

The full options are:

-l, --language    resolvable language/adaptor path                [required]
-e, --expression target expression to execute [required]
-s, --state Path to initial state file. [required]
-o, --output Path to write result from expression
-t, --test Intercepts and logs all HTTP requests to console