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Documentation Roadmap

Visit the public documentation roadmap on github.

We're constantly working to improve the documentation on OpenFn, particularly around the open source integration toolkit. Visit the documentation roadmap on Github to see what we're working on.


Visit the documentation roadmap to view the documentation roadmap.

Below is merely a static list that will be updated far less frequently than the actual docs issues on Github.

Planned Sections/Enhancements

Foundational Concepts

A page or set of pages that reviews concepts that are essentially prerequisite to using OpenFn or another interoperability platform.

The anatomy of an integration (title subject to change)

Envisioned as a primarily visual page that outlines the constituent parts of every integration to equip OpenFn users with a solid grounding of what an integration really is

Integrating using OpenFn

Either a subpage of the structure page or its own page subsequent to; this maps the foundational concepts above to jobs, triggers, runs, etc. We will only introduce OpenFn-specific terminology after we establish a common frame of reference. In some ways this is just an edit of the current Getting Started page.

What Does it Mean to be Ready?

Detail our OFG consulting team’s implementation process, including the various places that data mapping is referenced to do a step-by-step “pre-job-writing” walkthrough

Creation of documentation/tutorial “pathways”

Presenting guides and for new users and new devs from existing documentation resources to flatten the learning curve


Rewrite to be dev-centered; should read as a page for users who understand the above already and are ready to dive into technical setup

Project walk-through

Revise to incorporate the below app-specific tutorials in a cohesive manner

How to integrate CommCare with Salesforce

The Project walkthrough, but specific to these two tools.

How to integrate DHIS2 and CommCare

How to integrate Kobo Toolbox and a custom Postgres database