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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)#

What is OpenFn?#

OpenFn is an integration platform as a service. This means our prime directive is to move data quickly and securely between different software systems. In most cases:

  1. A source application sends messages to your project’s inbox when something happens.

  2. Jobs will be triggered, based on your filters, and use the data in those messages to attempt specific actions in destination systems.

  3. The logs are recorded so you can see precisely what happened and when and where it happened to take action in the event of a failed attempt—like editing the job or even the source message and trying it again.

Who uses OpenFn?#

OpenFn is used by organizations big and small, but the individuals interacting with the platform range from system administrators to Javascript developers. With a basic understanding of Javascript, the flexibility of the platform is almost limitless.

Is OpenFn open-source?#

OpenFn has built and maintains dozens of open-source data transformation and API wrapper software packages. They are licensed under the LGPL and can be used freely to extract, transform, and load data from a command line, or as part of another software application.

OpenFn also hosts a proprietary web-application that ties these tools together ( into an out-of-the-box integration management platform.

How reliable is the hosted service?#

OpenFn has harnessed the extreme stability and scalability of Erlang to coordinate these actions and provide users with email alerts, project management tools, and an online job writing IDE.

We constantly monitor our own status with independent infrastructure at You can subscribe to notifications there or follow @openfnstatus.

We've been delivering this service continuously since 2014.