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Credentials are used to authorize connections to destination systems. In the future, our adaptors will use credentials to fetch meta-data from source and destination applications and make the job writing process easier.

Some systems (Salesforce, OpenMRS, DHIS2) require an instanceUrl, host, or ApiUrl. Leave off the final "/" in these Urls: or or

Credentials can only be viewed, or edited by a single user — their "owner" (or the person that created that credential). All the collaborators on a particular project can choose those credentials for use when defining a job.

There are two special types of credentials, in addition to the myriad standard application-specific and authentication protocol-specific credentials.

Raw Credentials

Raw credentials are valid JSON documents which are passed into a job's runtime state. Note that owners of these credentials will be able to view them, in their entirety, in the clear.

Keychain Credentials

Keychain credentials allow for a single job to make use of multiple credentials. They work by inspecting the data in the job's runtime state (i.e., and checking for the value of a predetermined identifier. Based on that value, present in the data for a given source message, for example, another credential will be selected and applied for that particular job run.