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Building an Integrated Data Warehouse to Track and Share Student Performance

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ASE had a diverse data portfolio spread across so many sources that couldn't easily be analyzed. Open Function delivered a centralized, single-view solution for monitoring students and sharing data across schools.


African School of Excellence is working to deliver quality, affordable education in South Africa.

In South Africa, school funding and tuition costs often defer students from reaching their full potential. African School of Excellence (ASE) helps students access affordable, world-class education by providing affordable world-class education to everyone through the creation of a self-sustaining network of elite independent secondary schools at a fraction of the cost.

ASE focuses their mission on three essential factors: world-class quality, affordability, and scalability; They believe their students will succeed in South Africa and internationally when provided attainable education. ASE seeks to grow an even bigger network of schools throughout South Africa to provide the tens of thousands of disadvantaged students with elite education.

ASE had a diverse, but disconnected data portfolio.

ASE used Google, Khan Academy, EdAdmin, and a custom built survey app to track student progress. The data set was rich, but diverse and spread across so many sources, so it couldn't easily be analyzed.

To connect the data sources and enable easy, quick analysis, Open Function Group…

  • Built a data warehouse on PostgreSQL database to centrally capture data across the organization,
  • Implemented OpenFn to integrate the existing siloed data sources,
  • Configured an analytics layer using Readash for real-time program monitoring, and
  • Enabled data sharing across teachers, partners, and schools.

By building an integrated data warehouse , OFG delivered a centralized, single-view solution for monitoring students and sharing data across schools. With OpenFn, ASE has access to student data like never before. To learn more about OFG data warehouse solutions, see Solutions or contact our team.

The photo above was originally posted on the Wikimedia site under "WikiAfrica Schools training Africa School of Excellence."