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Version: v1.105


What is OpenFn?


OpenFn is software that makes it easier for governments and NGOs to connect the different technologies they use, share data securely, drive critical business processes, and scale their interventions via workflow automation and real-time interoperability.

OpenFn is a suite of data integration, interoperability, and business process automation (i.e., workflow) tools that's used by governments, NGOs, and social enterprises in the health and humanitarian sectors. It enables users to connect any system, and comes with adaptors (i.e. connectors) for over 70 apps.

Some OpenFn use cases are: Business process and workflow automations | Data Integration and Interoperability | Data Clearning Pipelines | Data Sharing and Reporting | Data Warehouse and Analytics | Legacy Systems Integration

Who is it built by?

OpenFn products are built by the Open Function Group and a growing community of open-source contributors.

Our products

OpenFn has several products, which are all fully interoperable. This gives our users the freedom to switch between any and all of the OpenFn products.

All OpenFn products, other than the OpenFn iPaaS are part of the free and open-source OpenFn Integration Toolkit. This Toolkit is a Digital Public Good (a "DPG") recognized in the DPG Registry and Digital Square's Global Goods Guidebook.

OpenFn v1

OpenFn v1 is an integration-platform-as-a-service or "iPaaS". It is enterprise-grade software, hosted by OpenFn. We recommend starting out there - you can create an account for free, or view our pricing here.

OpenFn v2: Lightning ⚡

OpenFn/Lightning is a fully open source workflow automation web application which can be deployed and run anywhere. It's the v2 of our digital public good. It is designed for governments and NGOs who want state-of-the-art workflow automation and data integration/interoperability capabilities with fully-fledged user management and auditing capabilities through a managed or entirely self-hosted platform.

Lightning relies on the same tried-and-trusted core technology as the OpenFn iPaaS and comes with an improved, visual interface for building integrations.

OpenFn/Lightning is now in beta

Lightning is in beta, but will be validated for production use and publicly released in the second half of 2023.

If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to email

OpenFn developer tooling


A set of CLI tools for writing & testing expressions, managing OpenFn projects, and developing adaptors.


You can view the technical documentation and source code for OpenFn's FOSS integration tools and adaptors in their respective repositories at or see Deploy section for an overview of the FOSS options and additional docs.

The Community Forum

Finally, please make sure to check out our Discourse forum at Sign up and join the conversation. Usually, that's the quickest way to get help if you've got questions that aren't answered here.