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Welcome to the OpenFn Docs# and OpenFn/Core Documentation#

This documentation is for, and is primarily intended to help users of the site. Technical documentation for OpenFn's open-source integration tools and language-packs can be found in their respective repositories at

Check out the tabs at the top of the page. They'll take you to documentation about the Platform, job writing (for both hosted and locally-deployed/open-source version of OpenFn), and connecting source applications so you can publish data to OpenFn in real time.

You Can Contribute!

If you want a new feature or find a bug, please submit an issue. If you find an issue with the documentation or want to share your custom functions, you can make those changes yourself and submit a pull request!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email

The OpenFn Google Group#

Please make sure to check out the OpenFn Google Group if you've got questions that aren't answered here.