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Version: v2 ⚡

Tutorial: Creating your first workflow

QuickStart: Creating your first workflow

  1. Go to your OpenFn Project > Workflows
  2. Create a new Workflow
  3. Choose your Trigger type: Webhook Event (for real-time integration) or Cron Expression (for timer/scheduled-based integration)
  4. Name your first Step (e.g., "Import form submission") and open it to choose the Adaptor, Adaptor Version, and Credential
  5. Click the </> code button to open the Inspector and add job code to the Editor panel to define the specific business logic or transformation rules for this workflow
  6. In the Input panel on the left, add a custom input (e.g., a payload from a webhook request) or simply add empty brackets ({}) to run a Workflow with a cron trigger. See the Workflow docs for help with running and testing Workflow.
  7. If the Step suceeds, navigate back to the Canvase view and click the + icon to add a second Step.
  8. If you want to define conditions for if/when this second Step should execute, update the Path condition.
  9. Then repeat the instruction steps #3-6 to finishing configuring this next Step, until the Workflow is complete.

Check out the video and docs on the Workflows page in the Build docs for in-depth help, or ask your questions on Community!