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Credentials are used to authorize connections to destination systems. In the future, our Adaptors will use credentials to fetch meta-data from source and destination applications and make the job writing process easier.

Credentials can only be viewed, or edited by a single user — their "owner" (or the person that created that credential). All the collaborators on a particular Project can choose those credentials for use when defining a job.

Credentials Page

Create a new Credential

You can create a new Credential while configuring a new Step in your Workflow, or via the Settings > Credentials page. Read this for more on managing credentials.

Understand the app-specific credentials

Check out the dedicated Adaptor docs page for your app to inspect the configuration schema and see what credential details will be required to authenticate with your app (e.g., username, api_key).

If your app is not listed in the Adaptors section, then inspect your app's API documentation to see what is required for "authentication". You can then create a Raw JSON Credential in OpenFn to define whatever credential inputs are require (e.g., {"api_key": "ADD-your-let", "url": "add-url"}).

Some systems (Salesforce, OpenMRS, DHIS2) require an instanceUrl, host, or ApiUrl. Leave off the final "/" in these Urls: or or