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Version: v2 ⚡


Workflows are automated processes or sets of instructions that accomplish a task. In OpenFn configuration, a Workflow consists of a Trigger, Steps, and Paths that define automation logic. Read on to learn how to configure Workflows.

Create a new Workflow

To create a new Workflow in your Project:

  1. Go to the Workflows page.
  2. Click Create new workflow button.
  3. Give your Workflow a descriptive Name (e.g., Register patients, Refer cases, Monthly payroll).
  4. Choose your Trigger
  5. Edit your first Step
  6. Modify the Path Condition, if needed, to define when the Workflow should proceed to the next Step.
  7. Configure more Steps as needed

Check out the video overview below to learn how to create a Workflow.

Run Workflows

To run a Workflow, you can either activate the Trigger (e.g., send a request to the Webhook Event Trigger's URL, or wait for the cron timer to be activated), or run your workflow manually. Check out the video below for how to run your workflow manually.

Turn off Workflows

To "turn off" or disable a Workflow:

  1. Open the Workflow
  2. Click on the Trigger
  3. Select the Disable this trigger checkbox
  4. Select Save to save your changes