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Version: v2 ⚡

Paths & Path Conditions

A Path is both a visual and functional indication defining the sequence of Steps the Workflow follows when executed. Read on more on the different types of Paths and configuration tips.

Path Conditions

There are 4 types of Path Conditions that define whether the Workflow will proceed to the next Step when executed:

  1. Always (the next Step will always run after the execution of the prior Step is completed)
  2. On Success (the next Step will run only if the execution of the prior Step succeeded)
  3. On Failure (the next Step will run only if the execution of the prior Step failed)
  4. Matches a JavaScript Expression (the next Step will only run if the condition or custom expression evaluates to be true)

Path Conditions

Writing JavaScript Expressions for Custom Path Conditions

Write your own JavaScript expression if you want to define a custom condition that evaluates the initial state of the step.

The workflow will only continue to the next step if if the JavaScript expression evaluates to be true.

Custom Conditions

Disable Paths to deactivate

To "deactivate" part of your Workflow and the Steps that follow a specific Path sequence:

  1. Click on the Path you want to deactive
  2. Select the Disable this path checkbox