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Version: v2 ⚡

Edit Steps via the Inspector

This page outlines how to edit and test Steps in your Workflow using the Inspector interface.

Edit & Test Steps via the Inspector

Use the Inspector interface on the platform to create, edit, and test Steps. (If you built your Workflow locally using the CLI, you can edit your Jobs on the app via this interface.)

To access this interface:

  1. Open a Workflow
  2. Select a Step you want to edit or test
  3. Click the code button </> displayed on the configuration panel

For more on how to write custom business logic and data transformation rules in the Editor, see the docs on writing Jobs and check out the below video.

Run & Test Steps

When running Steps to test the configuration, every Run will have an initial state (which may contain an Input) and results in a final state that will include Logs and an Output.

  • Input - Data (JSON) that is used as the starting Input for a Step to utilise in its run. An Input can exist for a Work Order and individual Steps within a Run, though it is possible for either to exist without an Input.
  • Output - Data (JSON) that is created as the Output of a Step's execution. An Output can exist for a Work Order and individual jobs within a run, and typically contains the data sent to the target app.
  • Logs - A record generated by the workflow execution engine that details the activities performed when running a Workflow or individual Step.

See Writing Jobs docs for more on writing custom logic, and see this article for more on the concept of "state" when writing Jobs and building OpenFn Workflows.