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Version: v2 ⚡

Writing specifications for workflow automation solutions

The key outputs of the the design process are:

  1. Functional Workflow diagram
  2. Technical Workflow diagram
  3. Solution Architecture Diagram
  4. Data element mapping specifications

Given these, you’ll be ready to finalize your workflow specifications and hand-off to developers for job-writing!

Each “task” or “step” in the OpenFn swimlane of your technical diagram can be implemented as a distinct operation in your workflow configuration. In the example diagram below, you might implement 1 job with 3 chained operations, or 3 jobs with 1 operation each.


The workflow specifications should link to all of the design artifacts and highlight the following:

  1. The required number of OpenFn jobs and the function of each
  2. Links to sample input/output and API documentation
  3. Unique identifiers
  4. Expected data volumes
  5. Authentication requirements