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Version: v2 ⚡

Get started with the OpenFn CLI

Build and test your automated workflows and integrations via the command line.

The OpenFn CLI is a developer tool to help you build, test, and manage your workflows directly from the command line. It’s simple to install, works on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and offers a range of functionality to enhance your developer experience with OpenFn. You can use the OpenFn CLI to:

  • Securely run OpenFn steps and workflows
  • Troubleshoot and debug OpenFn steps
  • Access adaptor documentation
  • Deploy workflows to OpenFn

Before you start

Before you begin with the @openfn/cli, make sure to setup some key tooling:

  1. Code Editor: Ensure you have a code editor installed on your machine. You can use popular editors like VS Code or Sublime.
  2. Node.js: Install Node.js (version 18 or later). For Linux, Windows, or macOS, use a version manager like nvm or asdf. Or install Node.js directly by following this guide.

You should also understand OpenFn Basic concepts, particularly steps and adaptors. Check out the Intro section on this site to get caught up.

Install the CLI

To download the latest version of @openfn/cli, on the command line, run the following command.

npm install -g @openfn/cli

Make sure everything works by running the built-in test workflow:

openfn test

The word openfn will invoke the CLI. The word test will invoke the test command.

Expand to see the expected output.
[CLI] ♦ Versions:
▸ node.js 18.12.1
▸ cli 1.0.0
[CLI] ℹ Running test workflow...

[CLI] ℹ Execution plan:
[CLI] ℹ {
"options": {
"start": "start"
"workflow": {
"steps": [
"id": "start",
"state": {
"data": {
"defaultAnswer": 42
"expression": "const fn = () => (state) => { console.log('Starting computer...'); return state; }; fn()",
"next": {
"calculate": "!state.error"
"id": "calculate",
"expression": "const fn = () => (state) => { console.log('Calculating to life, the universe, and everything..'); return state }; fn()",
"next": {
"result": true
"id": "result",
"expression": "const fn = () => (state) => ({ data: { answer: || } }); fn()"

[CLI] ✔ Compiled all expressions in workflow
[R/T] ℹ Executing undefined
[R/T] ℹ Starting step start
[JOB] ℹ Starting computer...
[R/T] ✔ Completed step start in 1ms
[R/T] ℹ Starting step calculate
[JOB] ℹ Calculating to life, the universe, and everything..
[R/T] ✔ Completed step calculate in 1ms
[R/T] ℹ Starting step result
[R/T] ✔ Completed step result in 0ms
[CLI] ✔ Result: 42

All other output is the CLI telling us what it is doing internally.

Check the version

openfn -v

Get help

openfn help

Updating the CLI

To install a new version straight on top of your current installation, run the following command.

npm install -g @openfn/cli


If you encounter installation issues, try uninstalling the current version first and then re-installing.

npm uninstall -g @openfn/cli
npm install -g @openfn/cli