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Version: v2 ⚡

Create a Workflow connecting a REST API to Google Sheets

In this tutorial, we are going to walk through how to create a simple OpenFn Workflow that automates syncing data between a REST API and Google Sheets, using the http and GoogleSheets Adaptors.

Video Walkthrough

Watch the video and follow along with the steps below.

Before you start

Here are some we assume you've looked over before you begin this process.

  • You have checked out our glossary and have an understanding of basic OpenFn & API concepts. Check out the pages below to get started
  • You have a Google Account. We will use it to create a credential to authorize with Google Sheets.
  • You have access to an OpenFn project (either on a locally installed OpenFn v2 app or on

Getting started

In this walkthrough, we will configure a Workflow to automatically sync user data from a web REST API, and import this data to a GoogleSheet.

This integration can be broken up into two parts:

  1. Get data from the REST API (the "source" app)
  2. Transforming & importing this data to a table in your GoogleSheet (the "destination" app)

Let’s get started!

1: Create a new Workflow

To create a new Workflow in your Project:

  1. Go to the project dashboard page.
  2. Click Create new workflow button.
  3. Give your Workflow a descriptive Name (e.g., Sync Users List).
  4. Choose your Trigger
  5. Edit your first Step

2. Configure your first Step to get data from the REST API

JSONPlaceholder provides a free fake API for testing and prototyping. We will be using the Users Rest API for extracting users data. This involves configuring a step in OpenFn to fetch users data via a GET HTTP request. Click your first step to set up!, Configurate the step with following options

  • Name Fetch Users
  • Adaptor http
  • Version: 6.0.0
  • Credentials (Optional: "Raw JSON" credential) - { "baseUrl": ""}
  • Job code: Add the operation get("users") in the code block if you've configured the "Raw JSON" credential for the jsonplaceholder as the baseURL.
Need help writing job code?

Check out the docs on the "http" Adaptor, configuring Steps, and job-writing.

Once you are finished configuring and writing your Step, save and run it!

Check out the Output & Log panel to see if your run succeeded. If it succeeded, you should see:

  • Status success
  • Log tab end with Run complete with status: success
  • Input tab has {}
  • Output tab has { data: [ {...}]}

3. Configure another Step to transform the data & import your GoogleSheet

Create a new Googlesheet Credential using your Google account's email. (Make sure this Google user has edit access to the GoogleSheet you want to integrate with.)

For this demo, we have configured the Googlesheet like this to store the users data.

Create a new step with the googlesheet adaptor for loading the users data into your destination GoogleSheet. Configure the step with the following options

  • Name Sync Users

  • Adaptor googlesheets

  • Version: 2.2.2

  • Credentials: Create new GoogleSheet OAuth Credential and save it

  • Step operations: For this job we will use the appendValues() operation to add an array of rows to the spreadsheet. Make sure you update the spreadsheetId to match the Id of your spreadsheet

    // Prepare array of users data
    fn(state => {
    const users =
    ({ id, name, username, address, phone, website, company }) => [

    return { ...state, users };

    // Append user data to GoogleSheet
    spreadsheetId: '1gT4cpHSDQp8A_JIX_5lqTLTwV0xBo_u8u3ZNWALmCLc',
    range: 'users!A1:G1',
    values: state => state.users,
  • Input - Final output of Fetch Users

If you have already ran the Fetch Users Step, you will have initial input to test Sync Users Step. Select the input from the input panel and click Create New Work Order to run this Step.

4. Time to test!

  1. Select and open inspector for Fetch Users step
  2. Create a new empty input {}
  3. Click Create New Work Order to execute the step
  4. Check results in Output & Logs panel and ensure that both steps have passed with status success
  5. Finally check your spreadsheet to see the synced users data

Encountering errors or getting stuck? Check out the Workflow or Troubleshooting docs.

Are you blocked? Have questions?

Reminder to watch the video or post on the Community to ask for help!