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asana Adaptor developer



Language Pack for connecting with Asana.



View all the required and optional properties for state.configuration in the official configuration-schema definition.

How to create an API token

Using Asana's API requires having an API token. To generate that token, head to the Asana developer console and enter the Personal access tokens section. For API Reference docs

There you can click on +New access token. A prompt will be opened allowing you to give the token a name and then create it.

Note: Treat your PAT like you would with a password. Do not share it or display it online.

Sample expression

Find a single task of a given project using the task id.

getTask('1234', {
opt_fields: 'name,assignee',

Find the list of tasks of a given project using the project id.

getTasks('22889593722', {
opt_fields: 'name,notes,assignee',

Update a specific task

updateTask('12344', {
name: 'test',
approval_status: 'pending',
assignee: '12345',

Create a task

name: 'test',
approval_status: 'pending',
assignee: '12345',

Update a task or create a new one

You can use a field name literal as externalId to match a specific task. If the task does not exist, a new one will be created. The first parameter in this function should be the project_id.

upsertTask('12344', {
externalId: 'name',
data: {
name: 'A new task',
projects: ['12344'],
notes: 'This is a new task',


Clone the adaptors monorepo. Follow the Getting Started guide inside to get set up.

Run tests using pnpm run test or pnpm run test:watch

Build the project using pnpm build.

To just build the docs run pnpm build docs