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Changelog for the common adaptor



Patch Changes

  • c19efbe: don't attempt to expand references for a buffer


Minor Changes

  • 85c35b8: Add validate function to validate data against a JSON schema


Patch Changes

  • df09270: Fix streaming interface to parseCSV


Patch Changes

  • 26a303e: add expandReferences for csvData and parsingOptions


Patch Changes

  • 8c32eb3: - update parseCsv to await callback
    • Added documentation for splitKeys


Minor Changes

  • aad9549: Ensure that standard OAuth2 credentials with snake-cased "access_token" keys can be used for OAuth2-reliant adaptors


Minor Changes

  • 111807f: Add support for parseCsv in common


Patch Changes

  • Update lock files


Minor Changes

  • 2c1d603: Remove parameter reassignment to ensure proper functioning inside an each block; add eslint

    The packages receiving a major bump here exposed functions that didn't work as expected inside each blocks. Users were previously wrapping these functions inside their own custom fn blocks, and this change will ensure that they can be used inside a standard each.

    See for more details.


Patch Changes

  • 929bca6: Export metadata helper function


Patch Changes

  • 2b4c61a: mark execute private and ast build


Patch Changes

  • f2a91a4: Update package exports


Patch Changes

  • 8566b26: Fix typings
  • b3d45ff: Fix CJS export of npm package.
  • b5eb665: Adjusted docs for common and built to markdown
  • ecf5d30: remove sinon since it was not being used

Bumped all package versions to their latest.


  • Added arrayToString helper.
    Allowing you to join an array of string'able primitives (strings and integers) into a string.
  • Added toArray helper.
    This can be used to coerce certain types of data into an array, this can be useful when the source data has an ambiguous format. For example a given key in the data may have an object as it's value (when there is only one item), and an array of objects when there is more than one. toArray can be used to reconcile this inconsistency.