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Changelog for the googlehealthcare adaptor



Minor Changes

  • 73433c20: Add fnIf operation

Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Major Changes

  • 7df7e20: remove projectId, dataSetId, cloudRegion, and fhirStoreId out of configuration

    The new implementation of createFhirResource(fhirStore, resource, callback) allows you to use one set of credentials to access different Google Healthcare Cloud FHIR stores. fhirStore is an object that contains the FHIR store information ({cloudRegion: string, projectId: string, datasetId: string, fhirStoreId: string}).


Minor Changes

  • 861d774: add createFhirResource function

Patch Changes

  • aad9549: Ensure that standard OAuth2 credentials with snake-cased "access_token" keys can be used for OAuth2-reliant adaptors
  • Updated dependencies [aad9549]