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medicmobile Adaptor developer


Language Medic Mobile

Language Pack for building expressions and operations to make calls to the Medic Mobile API.
For an overview of Medic's database, check out Medic's DB Schema v2
The exported functions in this language package can be executed by OpenFn/core:

../core/lib/cli.js execute -l ./lib/Adaptor -s ./tmp/state.json -e ./tmp/expression.js

For quick-start help, clone OpenFn/openfn-devtools and follow the



View all the required and optional properties for state.configuration in the official configuration-schema definition.

sample fetchSubmissions expression

'pregnancy', // formId
{ 'last-event-id': 334 }, // params, last-event-id will be replaced by cursor
'http://localhost:4000/inbox/abc-123-xyz' // postUrl

sample changesApi and pickFormData usage

// get all the changes...
include_docs: true,
// This only gets used the first time the job is run.
// Subsequent runs take the lastSeq value as their cursor.
// "last-event-id": 789,

// Picks out the field data for a given formId.


Clone the adaptors monorepo. Follow the Getting Started guide inside to get set up.

Run tests using pnpm run test or pnpm run test:watch

Build the project using pnpm build.

To just build the docs run pnpm build docs