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progres Adaptor developer



An OpenFn adaptor for building integration jobs for use with the UNHCR ProGres v4 API.

Design notes

  • Integration must run through UNHCR's DTP, a middleware layer that provides a public API for UNHCR internal software.
  • An API token and a self-signed certificate must be provided for communication with UNHCR's DTP.
  • Two-way sync must be possible between Primero and ProGres
  • Teams still in discussion about whether the most common use-case will be a timed sync or real-time/event-based sync.


View the docs site for full technical documentation.


View all the required and optional properties for state.configuration in the official configuration-schema definition.

Posting data to an endpoint with SSL cert authentication

url: urlDTP,
body: { a: 1 },
headers: {
'Subscription-Key': configuration['token'],
agentOptions: {


Clone the adaptors monorepo. Follow the Getting Started guide inside to get set up.

Run tests using pnpm run test or pnpm run test:watch

Build the project using pnpm build.

To just build the docs run pnpm build docs