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surveycto Adaptor developer


Language SurveyCTO

Language Pack for building expressions and operations to make HTTP calls to SurveyCTO.



View all the required and optional properties for state.configuration in the official configuration-schema definition.


fetchSubmissions(1,2,3) takes three arguments:

  1. the formId of the form on SurveyCTO

  2. the initialAfterDate, a date string or UNIX timestamp which instructs the job to only fetch submissions after a certain date. After the first run of the job, subsequent runs will only fetch NEW submissions.

  3. the postUrl is where the wide-format JSON representation of each form submission should be sent. Note that a formId key will be added to each form submission for later filtering/routing.

sample fetchSubmissions expression

// formId on SurveyCTO server
// initialAfterDate: this will only be accessed if "lastSubmissionDate" is empty in your job_state".
// After the initial run of the job, OpenFn will only pull new submissions from SurveyCTO.
'Aug 29, 2016 4:44:26 PM',
// postUrl is where you want to send the JSON submissions, appended with a new "formId" key


Clone the repo, run npm install.

Run tests using npm run test or npm run test:watch

Build the project using make.