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Changelog for the mongodb adaptor



Patch Changes

  • 6afba70: Fix findDocuments


Major Changes

  • Update configuration schema for MongoDB adaptor:
    • Rename clusterUrl to clusterHostname
    • Change clusterHostname format from uri to hostname
    • Update Adaptor.js and tests to use new name


Patch Changes


Minor Changes

  • 2c1d603: Remove parameter reassignment to ensure proper functioning inside an each block; add eslint

    The packages receiving a major bump here exposed functions that didn't work as expected inside each blocks. Users were previously wrapping these functions inside their own custom fn blocks, and this change will ensure that they can be used inside a standard each.

    See for more details.

Patch Changes


Patch Changes

  • f7ebd3c: remove sample configuration


Patch Changes

  • f2aed32: add examples