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primero Adaptor developer



An OpenFn adaptor for building integration jobs for use with UNICEF's Primero API.

See Update Docs Site:

Primero API Versions

Adaptor for Primero v2.0

This documentation outlines the functions available for Primero v2.0 in the main branch. The API documentation is available at:

Adaptor for Primero v1.0 still available on the v1 branch.

v1.0.7 of this adaptor was built for the Primero v1.1 API:

Primero API v1.1 Documentation

Primero Authentication Strategies

The Primero team is considering a shift to Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C for auth. We can likely accommodate this with a similar pattern as has been used in our Microsoft Dynamics, Github, or Google Sheets adaptors, but we'll need to await final doucmentation for Primero's v2 API before making changes.

Azure Active Directory B2C


Clone the adaptors monorepo. Follow the Getting Started guide inside to get set up.

Run tests using pnpm run test or pnpm run test:watch

Build the project using pnpm build.

To just build the docs run pnpm build docs